Day 39–Just Another Recovery Run

A fairly unremarkable run today. I went out in the afternoon as I was busy doing other things in the morning. The planned run was the usual 6 and a bit miles to Dysart Park and back. The legs felt unspectacular, a little stiff in the upper quads thanks, I’m sure, to yesterday’s massage and a purely temporary problem. The right groin was a touch sore but not has bad as it has been.

The only deviation from the norm was taking a slight diversion near the cinema on the return leg to work out a diversion for when they temporarily close a pedestrian foot bridge in a few weeks time. It added little to the distance – a little twisty, but no big deal.

Pace would end up being an average of 7:21, not bad considering the lethargy that is afflicting me at the present. A few days more rest from Folksworth and I’m sure I will be fine.

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