Day 64–Back To The Old Routine

The legs are in no state to be doing any speed work but they are fit for a Tuesday double – similar in distance to what I used to run back in Coventry / Kenilworth. Both runs saw the debut for the turquoise pair of the Nike Air Pegasus 29. As they were replacing identical trainers, except the old pair were red, there were no unexpected surprises with these trainers – just the abundance of more cushioning with a pair that were 520 odd miles fresher than the pair they replaced.

The morning run was just a typical out and back to Dysart Park and back affair. The only highlight was seeing the queue for the cinema I visited yesterday morning. The queue was about 3 deep then; today it came out of the cinema, onto the street and snaked around the corner. That made me feel highly relieved I went when I did. Pace was fine – a little slower than yesterday, but I was determined to put in as little effort as possible.

For the evening run I put a message out on the Grantham RC Facebook page to see if anyone would be interested in joining me for a few easy miles. Scott replied and said he was up for it, but wanted to run in daylight if at all possible. That seemed fine to me so we headed out at around 4:30pm for an easy 8.5 miles or so. Being in daylight we were able to run up the canal for a bit before heading into Harrowby, which included a cheeky little hill which served a reminder to the legs that the efforts of Sunday were still very much present.

That hill tackled and it was pretty much all the way downhill back into town. The pace was spot on – the legs tired at the end but not unbearably so. What the run did tell me was that although I think they’ll handle high mileage for the rest of the week, anything at pace is going to be a struggle. That puts into doubt my participation in the National Cross Country Championships on Saturday, although the F1 test in Bahrain and a change in time difference between us and then may well have put paid to any hopes of making it to Nottingham in time anyway.

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