Day 91 – New Trainers, Same Old Problems

Nike Fly Knit Lunar 1+

After the 100+ mile exploits of last week, the plan for the coming week is to lower the mileage considerably ahead of giving the Coventry Half Marathon on Sunday a fair crack. This mileage will be very low if the left thigh and hip continues to give me this much trouble.

I thought with a short run on the plan, today would be a good day to try out the trainers I plan to trial on Sunday with the intention to wear them at Rotterdam should they prove successful. They are certainly very light and judging by the first mile, which was pretty quick for a first recovery run mile, especially with very stiff legs. However I’m not convinced yet whether they are quite as quick as my ageing Lunar Racers, we shall see when they are hopefully used in anger.

The run was a routine affair but the left thigh was still aching like I had a dead leg. My massage on Thursday cannot come quick enough for although it’s not slowing me hugely yet, I think it will only be a matter of time before it does. There are tender spots all over the hip, leg and back, all of which will need attention and soon.

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