Day 116 – There!

Well that was the easiest, least stressful trip I think I’ve ever made. A reasonable night’s sleep, as good as could be expected. Hot shower on the boat, a quick coffee before leaving the ferry and pretty much straight onto a train. Half an hour later and I’m in the centre of Rotterdam and it’s not yet 9 am. A helpful tourist information desk pointed me in the right direction for my hotel and twenty minutes later and courtesy of a little free WiFi to guide me on the final stages of my trip and I’m at the hotel.

I was perfectly willing to leave my bags and return four hours later when I was sure to check in. But no, my room was already waiting for me, free early check in, a result! Even better is that, without even paying any consideration to it, I’m only about ten minutes walk from the start of the marathon. The guys at the desk wished me well for the race even though I didn’t mention I was running it.

It’s all gone too smoothly so far. Off to the expo!



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