A Small Step For A Little One

Whilst I tried my best to take as few steps as possible, resting up for tomorrow’s race, my little baby daughter took her first fleeting steps today. A small step, but an all-important one for the rest of her life. Chapeau!

Keep On Walking Little One!

It Works! It Finally Works!

After nearly a month of head scratching, tinkering of settings on a daily basis then forgetting about it for a week or so, finally on the mobile phone whilst sitting half watching Pointless I finally sorting out my web-forwarding so that this blog can actually be seen! I’m not quite sure how I got it done and it seems a bit of a bodge, but, for the time being, I’m not complaining!

Now I’ve got to get all the other broken stuff working….


Spring Marathon Entered!

The best marathon to hand with the date restrictions in the calendar. The choice is Milton Keynes on Monday May 5th. I’m umming over whether to do the Rotterdam Marathon on April 13. It’s reputed to be one of the fastest courses in the world. I just need the motivation (And the funds) to sort out travel and accommodation.