Day 32 – The Gruesome First Thing In The Morning Run

Thrashing out plans late into the evening, as I wasn’t keen on running on Friday evening with a long race Sunday, the only other slot available was the one that meant waking at 6 am and being out the door some time before seven.

I’ve never been good at waking, or doing anything before seven, running is especially difficult, made more so with the sixteen miles but completed until around nine pm the night before.

Somehow I got it of bed a little while after the alarm call, headed downstairs to put on the running gear and managed to get out by 06:40. The first couple of miles were no fun, being closer to nine minute miling than the seven minute I’ve been more used to when running at a sensible hour. Moreover, as it was still dark the out and back park route I normally run was not possible so I had to choose another, hillier, option.

With the worst climb out of the way I settled into a slow but comfortable rhythm. I could have gone on a little longer but I was on a tight deadline to get back to walk the kids to school. In the end another 5.7 miles were in the bank – ones that may help me get that sub-2:45 I’m so keen to achieve.

I’m glad I got the early morning run done rather than not run at all, but I hope it doesn’t have to become too regular an occurrence…

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