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I’m Matthew Kingston-Lee, a thirty forty something runner who runs for and is the current Chairman of Grantham Running Club.

I’ve run pretty much all my life, and considered my self a runner ever since I finished second at my Reception Class School Sport’s Day sprint race.

I gave up sprinting as a teenager and became more interested in distance running. Since I ran my first half marathon back in 1996, I’ve raced, with various degrees of competitiveness, ever since – mostly on the road and, when forced to, over cross country. Some people in the F1 world may know me best as the runner who used to lap the circuit quite quickly, twice winner of the Runthattrack World Championship for F1 Paddock runners.

It was always my goal to break 3 hours for the half marathon. As I broke this some time ago it has, in recent years become my wish to break 2:45 for the marathon – the time required to qualify for the National Marathon Championships, held as part of the London Marathon. My best so far is 2:50, run at Taunton in 2011 2:46:38, run at Rotterdam in 2014, but I hope with, with a little bit of luck and a fair amount of hard work, to better that time this  next year and come somewhere under 2:44:59.

This blog is primarily to chart my training in my most serious and hopeful attempt yet at cracking this target time  is now a medium to highlight my sporting activities, and hopefully to chart my Sub 2:45. having achieved the goal of breaking 2:45 at the 2015 Chester Marathon, running 2:43:41.

I’m currently thinking up new things to target….

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