Day Four – Xmas Lights Run

Now becoming a running club tradition up and down the land, a tour of Grantham taking in the best/worst in Xmas lights displays in an 8 mile or so loop. The hands down winner had to be the astonishing display on Belton Lane – complete with taped Christmas Carols and just about every conceivable light and ornament imaginable.

As for the run itself – 4.3 miles before meeting up with the club – made plenty harder by the unwelcome addition of some icy cold rain and a bitter wind, which left me sodden and chilled to the bone. I spent much of the next 4 miles trying desperately to warm my hands, which led me to resort to putting them down my tights. This proved pleasingly successful.

Not a particularly quick run but surprisingly tiring, and a couple of ankle twists en route which left me hobbling a touch in the evening. Still a pleasant run nonetheless.

Distance: 14.68 mile. Time: 2:01:31. Pace: 8:17.

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