Day Six – Witham & Blues

With both my running clubs holding their Christmas parties on the Friday night I was probably one of the few to be in any fit state to head out for a run on the Saturday morning. The reason I wasn’t at either party was I’d rocked the night away at the gloriously over the top Witham & Blues American diner near Boston. An appropriately portioned three course meal washed down with some un-American, but pleasingly pleasant, cider (some equals a little too much, but thankfully not enough to cause any real damage).

The morning run was a drive to the bizarrely named Anton’s Gowt, where I ran up and down the River Witham footpath, reclaimed from a former train line to make a flat straight path from Langrick to Boston.

First I headed right to Langrick, slow, a little stiff, and slowed by a stiff crosswind. The wind here in the Fens is nearly always a factor in the run and the quicker bits were generally when I found a little shelter from the relentless battering of breeze.

Once at Langrick it was a U-turn and a four mile or so run to Boston. Once there it was an about turn back to Anton’s Gowt via a loop of the Witham Country Park, a title far grander than the reality of what is a bit of flat land and a path. At Anton’s Gowt it was a bit more of an out-and-back to bring the mileage up to a nice round ten. No real pace in the run but more miles in the bank.

Distance: 10:02 miles. Time: 1:16:11. Pace: 07:36.

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