Day Three – Fuzzy Head

At some ungodly hour in the in the night, head feeling like it was going to explode, body roasting yet feeling cold, I wondered what on earth was happening to me. I have up trying to sleep and headed to the sofa downstairs, where after an hour or so of wishing the pain away I finally got a few hours decent sleep.

I probably shouldn’t have run today, but running is a terrible addiction, so I compromised and went on what was a very steady 6.2 miles I the same route I took on Monday, albeit harder today with the wind strengthening and the head still fairly fuzzy. It was somewhat slower than Monday, but still well within eight minute miling, a pace I was struggling to make on slow runs as recently June this year.

I made it back with seemingly little damage done. I look forward to running though not feeling quite so generally rubbish.

Distance: 6.2 miles. Time: 47:48. Pace 7:43.