Day 8 – One Before The Storm

WIth predictions of chaos caused by strong winds and rain, we returned a little earlier than planned back home, and I wasted no time in getting my recovery run in before the wind became too strong to be able to run without fear of a bashing from a tree branch or worse.

The top of the right foot is painful when wearing the Nike Frees of the past two days. Thankfully there was no discomfort when the Lunarglides were on and I can be more or less assured that it is merely some tendon discomfort where the tongue of the trainers has been rubbing rather than anything more sinister.

On the standard recovery run of Queen Elizabeth Park through to Dysart Park and back, the outward leg was run mostly into the strong headwind, which saw me come to a near standstill at times. On the return leg I was blown almost more quickly than was comfortable for a recovery run. Pleasingly although the legs were a little tired, there was little sign of soreness or tightness from yesterday’s 23 mile run nor the accumulation of 82.5 miles across the past week.

Distance: 6.16 miles, Time: 46:31. Pace: 07:31.