Day 77–The Calm After The Storm

Following yesterday’s horrendous run I had a fairly miserable evening – cold, exhausted and generally not feeling that great. Thankfully an early bedtime and a good, extended, night’s sleep helped considerably, although I did continue to spend much of the day in a slightly weary daze.

I went out for my run shortly before midday. In total contrast to yesterday’s run, the skies were blue, barely a breeze to mention and the faint warmth of very early spring sunshine gently warming my stiff, aching limbs. The first mile was, as so often is, spent awkwardly shuffling along. It was, however, considerably quicker than I’d expected it to be.

From then on the legs loosened off as I trod over the familiar recovery run route, my only regret not donning a pair of sunglasses as I ran into the sunshine. Fairly quickly the run was coming to an end, only to have an unplanned encore to post a package I’d meant to take with me on the run. The mile splits were quicker than they felt, hopefully they’ll feel better for tomorrow with a marathon paced run of some kind planned for the evening and some miles in the morning.