Day 88–A Morning Run Just Before It Got Dark

I think I got about 30 minutes sleep proper before waking at 1am to work on the opening day of practice for the Australian GP. Until around 4am it seemed waking early was a complete waste of time as technical issues meant I was able to do precious little work. Things slowly improved during the course of the morning, but it was a busy old day, not finishing until gone midday.

I slept for around three hours then dozed for another, finally getting out of bed at around 4:15pm. I wasted no time putting on the running kit. The weather outside was a change to recent days, grey and a little dreary, but at least it was dry, if not a little breezy. I left the house just before 5pm and from the first steps it felt every bit like an early morning run. The body and legs tired, not yet woken up, shuffling along with little in the way of pace or intensity.

The first couple of miles were the hardest, mostly uphill to Barrowby and into a headwind. The left hip and inner thigh are quite sore – I’m sure its coming from the back but there are so many tender spots around the back and legs it’s hard to be definite. Once in Barrowby the wind was mostly at my back and I headed down The Drift towards the canal path I last tackled just a couple of days ago. Slowly getting dark, once back in town I was able to make it onto the river path with just enough light to see – the breeze now unkindly back in my face having enjoyed a pick up in pace when it was behind me.

In the last mile the legs were really stiff, suffering the twin pains of lots of miles and nowhere near enough sleep. The customary coughing fit on completion of the run marked the end of a run I could have rather done without, but pleased enough to have force my body out to run it.