Day 81–Quicker Than Yesterday…

After yesterday’s interesting club run which remarked a particularly telling Strava comment are you logging your walks now? it was back to business this morning. A narrow window to head out, I was originally planning to run ten miles but only had time for eight.

The legs felt a little tired, but not unbearably so. The only real developing issue at the moment is a grumbling left hip (the opposite one to the one that’s been giving all the trouble for the past few months) which can also be felt at times in the IT band and the Piraformis. Hopefully this can be kept under control with massage and stretching.

Using the eight mile run that takes me up to Barrowby on the A52 and back into town, the opening miles are hard going because its uphill, the rest of the miles are pretty easy as they are all flat or gently downhill. With the breeze less than it has been in recent days, this was a pleasant and fairly straightforward run which leaves me with the option of running parkrun in the morning if I choose.