Day 82–Cold, Cold, Cold

The intention yesterday was to head to Newark to take part in parkrun. However through Friday evening it was clear I had caught one of the daughter’s colds – my throat was on fire and my nose rapidly becoming more and more blocked.

A fraught night’s sleep which saw me wake pretty much every hour to relieve the throat, saw me clearly in no fit state to take part in a swift run. I’d debated long and hard whether to run at all, in the end I did because I felt the cold had not got any worse since I’d risen and indeed was starting to get a little better.

So it was six easy paced miles on the usual riverside park out and back run. The legs were a little stiff and I couldn’t have gone much faster than I did, but I don’t think I did too much damage running – the heart rate remained as I’d expect it too and the pace actually quickened over the miles to be not far off what I’d expect for an easy paced run.

I just hope now I can continue to recover to be fit for tomorrow’s long 24 mile run. I don’t really have an alternative date in the calendar if it cannot be tomorrow, so have to keep my fingers crossed.