Day 24? – Looking forward to the end of base….

I’ve guessed at what day this is – applied some bad maths from when I last knew what day it was and hoped for the best.

Frankly I don’t care much about the running, after much tearing of hair out before Christmas trying to get links and URL working for this blog, an hour or so this evening with a cider and suddenly some a moment of clarity, a few lines of code, and voilà! Everything seems to be fixed. One day I’ll have all the fancy menus and graphics that other people have, but for the time being, I’m happy to keep it fairly bare-bones.

As for the running, Tuesday evening, I knew that GRC were doing hard hill efforts and the base building part of this training plan strictly forbade this. So instead I went off on a pretty easy paced 8 and 1/4 mile run, aiming to find a route that 1. wasn’t too hilly and 2. was pretty much totally lit for the entire run for the purpose of being able to easily do marathon paced runs in the coming weeks. Thankfully I found it. If you look at a map of the run it is a bit north and south north and south along different roads, but thankfully it doesn’t need a head torch and usefully a couple of miles here and there can be tacked on.

Running steady easy miles is a little dull so I plugged in the earphones and enjoyed some tunes, ignoring all those sensationalist warnings that you must never do so outside in hours of darkness. I’ve never quite understood the exact logic for this, and so carried on blissfully ignorant of any unaware dangers I posed myself.

Wednesday morning had eight easy miles on the plan, so, I plugged in again to the mp3 player and headed off – running an eight mile loop I’ve done a couple of times before, but really jazzing it up to dizzying heights by…. running it in the opposite direction…. For some reason in all my years of running, except for Kenilworth Runners’ winter circuit, which we always alternated between clockwise and anticlockwise depending on whether it was a Tuesday or Thursday (but I NEVER ran it clockwise on a Thursday and vice versa), I’ve been fairly loathed to change the direction of a looped run once it had been run for the first time in a certain direction. No idea why, it’s just the way its been.

Other than this crazy direction switch the run was entirely unspectacular. The niggly right groin was a bit more niggly than yesterday and after the run I was quite stiff and sore. Maybe being able to run some quick miles again will alleviate these aches and pains…

It Works! It Finally Works!

After nearly a month of head scratching, tinkering of settings on a daily basis then forgetting about it for a week or so, finally on the mobile phone whilst sitting half watching Pointless I finally sorting out my web-forwarding so that this blog can actually be seen! I’m not quite sure how I got it done and it seems a bit of a bodge, but, for the time being, I’m not complaining!

Now I’ve got to get all the other broken stuff working….