Day 37–A Tough One Done

I’d liked to have been out for my run early today but life got in the way and the earliest I could get out was around 5:30pm. By then I’d done the double school run, 50% of which walked at a breakneck speed due to running late for things. I was pretty tired and not really in the mood for a run.

I stretched the tired legs as best I could and headed out. Thankfully the January weather was somewhat benign after some cold days – mild enough to be comfortable in shorts and compression socks. I didn’t feel disastrously stiff, just somewhat lifeless and lacking zest.

I’d put six miles down on my hastily prepared training plan, I’d hoped to run ten miles like last week. In the end I had to settle for something exactly in the middle – 8 miles completed by the end of the run. There was a constant ache in the pelvis thanks to the groin issues, I also got random pains in the left hamstring and on the arch of the right foot, both of which I put down to tiredness rather than anything more sinister. I found myself ending the run hungry and generally a bit run down.

Looking ahead, I am thankful to be on the receiving end of a massage tomorrow – the inevitable pain will hopefully be worth it for the anticipated relief of a few persistent aches and niggles. Hopefully a good night’s sleep and a protein shake will see the legs more reactive than they were today.