Day 42–When Running Feels Easy, It is So Good….

I put in a longer than usual Monday run as the rest of the week and the F1 test in Jerez which I am covering means finding time to run could be a haphazard affair. The legs felt good from the off and when the Garmin beeped to tell me the first mile split, I was surprised to see it read 7:30 as that continued a chunk of hill and I was putting in no effort.

The good times continued, splits in the low seven minutes until I changed direction at Barrowby and the headwind became a tail wind, soon enough the splits were sub-7 and edging closer to 6:30 as the run continued, stopping for a brief pit stop at the leisure centre. With only a dull ache in the right groin, helped again by some last minute massage to the hip before leaving, the temptation was to continue on and on, but I had work waiting so had to call it a day at 10 miles, averaging dead on seven minutes per mile.

I just hope that work doesn’t mean that is as good as it gets for the rest of the working week.