Day 35– Didn’t Think It Would Be This Good

I was fully expecting today’s recovery run to be a tortuous affair, the day after a hard 15 mile race. Thankfully, it turned out to be a surprisingly easy and relatively swift six mile run on the usual out and back Wyndham Park route. I left home a little later than usual in the morning, which was a blessing as there had been a hard frost overnight and with thermometer still reading zero Celsius when I left there was some patches of ice, but nowhere near as many as when I’d walked the kids to school a few hours earlier.

Wrapped up well in full winter gear, from the off the legs felt good and pretty much recovered from yesterday. The only caveat was that the right groin was predictably sore, but it didn’t slow me. The whole of my inner thigh feels tender to the touch so there is some massage and stretching to be done. At times on the run I had to reign myself in as I was creeping into six something minute miling and this was definitely meant to be a recovery run,

Another six and a fifth miles run, plus the seven miles of walking to and from and to and from school. All in all a good day.