Spring Marathon Entered!

The best marathon to hand with the date restrictions in the calendar. The choice is Milton Keynes on Monday May 5th. I’m umming over whether to do the Rotterdam Marathon on April 13. It’s reputed to be one of the fastest courses in the world. I just need the motivation (And the funds) to sort out travel and accommodation.

Day Whatever – An Update

Rather predictably this blogging thing all stopped once I headed away to the relatives and the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol began. Then once back my resources were diverted to Project Kenilworth Runners Road Race Rankings, a mission thankfully accomplished yesterday.

So a brief summary of what happened since Boxing Day. The day after it was 6 easy miles before heading to Stroud. Right groin sore. Saturday I had off as I traveled on to Minehead and with the groin hurting could use any excuse not to run.

Sunday and I was due to do 16 miles. Instead I headed to Dunster and inadvertently found myself in Dunster Forest. A quite excellent run following the blue 4.5 mile circular route followed. Plenty of climbing, but not too brutal, good conditions underfoot in spite of the recent rain. Managed to get slightly lost and onto a busy country road before finding my way again. By the time I was home it was just nine miles but right groin was quite sore and so was thankful to do that.

Monday and with a big storm overnight just starting to recede, I abandoned plans to run along the sea front and instead headed to North Hill. I had a bit of a Rocky montage moment when I was able to make it up the initial approximately 20% gradient on the initial footpath without stopping – something I don’t think I’ve managed before. No such luck on the next steep section however, the leaf fall and rain making it incredibly slippery – safer to walk. I made it as far up as to when you are alongside the cliff edge. A strong gust of wind made me think it was probably safer to turn around and head back. 7.5 miles done.

New Year’s Eve and I was back with my brother in Stroud. I wanted to do 16 to guarantee I hit my target of 2500 miles for the year. Brother joined me for the first 8 miles – out and back on the old railway line. I then proceeded do a further 9 miles along the canal path and back, a little further than planned as I’d got my sums wrong. Groin grumbing but bearable. Worst pain came from a sore head after smacking a fallen tree (Limbo is not my strong point).

New Year’s Day was declared a rest day after experiencing a sizeable hangover. It was all for a worthy cause…

The next day and it was a club run in Grantham. Feeling hugely overweight and lethargic I struggled on this one – thankfully it is still just easy slow miles on the schedule as I could manage little else. RIght groin still troublesome.

Groin really sore come Friday on the six mile recovery run and felt pretty down about it – the pace really slow. Saturday was eight miles, groin and hip still painful but bearable and I could run a little more freely.

Some good massage and stretching during the day meant that thankfully Sunday’s 16 miler was a largely pain free affair. An out and back route – the way out felt ridiculously easy, coming in at around 7 minute miling and one mile around 6:30. I soon realised why when I turned around and began the run home. Quite a noticeable wind now in my face and making the going tougher. The right hip began grumbling at around 12 miles and not helped when I was spooked¬†by a passing car whilst turning my head to see what was coming – something somewhere needs freeing.

Yesterday was a standard 6.2 mile run on the out and back park run. Hip not feeling that bad, although the wind was blowing something terrible. The same went for this morning although thankfully the wind had dropped. A run of 8 steady miles is scheduled for the evening.

Day 11 – Boxing Day Blues

I was meant to head out first thing for a run, but just didn’t feel like it. I put it off and off through the day until it got dark then figured if I don’t head out now I never will. Legs still aching from the off road run on Christmas Eve, this was a run I never really got into, looping around town at a slow old pace, feeling the ache in my right groin from where I slid awkwardly two days ago. Moreover I think I have the makings of another cold brewing, so everything feels a little laboured.

I was meant to do ten miles, but at 9.2 something I called it quits. Little satisfaction in this run. I think I should have stayed at home.

Time: 1:10:27. Distance: 9.27 miles. Pace: 07:35.