Day 55–Rock Bottom

Things are not looking good for Project Sub 2:45. I’d go as far as to say if the marathon were held this weekend not only would I not have finished, I would have struggled massively to make it to halfway. the frustrating thing is I’m still not totally sure what the injury is or what is causing it. I need to find a Physio in Grantham and fast!

After two days off to let the injury rest a bit – plenty of massage, but, in hindsight, probably not enough stretching – I decided to head out this Sunday morning with the intention of running long. I’d decided though to stay local in case the injury became unbearable – a move that proved to be prophetic.

As with Thursday the opening mile or two were trouble free, running reasonably swiftly despite the gale force winds battering me or pushing me along depending on the direction I was running in. Then the little worrying signs began to kick in: the slight ache in the groin; a heavy feeling in the quad; then discomfort that began to radiate down the inner thigh before settling just above the knee, moving from the side to the back; a sharp pain in the lower hamstring which sporadically came to affect the calf.

The difference between today’s run and Thursday’s was that it took around 8 miles for the pain to kick in on Thursday and only became a big problem in the final couple of miles; today between it being a niggle at five miles I could cope with, by the time I’d navigated a steep climb and descent at six miles, I was stopping every couple of hundred meters and could barely shuffle along.

I decided to abandon the run and head home. I was a couple of miles away – at 7.6 miles I had to stop and walk for around 10 minutes as the pain was too much to run. I was then able to run slowly home with some considerable discomfort, any thoughts of running further dismissed without hesitation.

Once home and the post mortem began. I’ve working on the idea of it hopefully being Piraformis Sydrome but I’ve quietly resigned to it probably being something which will take longer to fix. Time to dust off the bike or find a gym…