Day 60–Run Done Before Another Storm

I was keen to get out this morning to test the leg before making a decision on whether to race on Sunday. The rain just began to fall as I was heading out – mercifully it was light and was nothing compared to the storm that blew in literally minutes after I finished the run.

From the off things felt reasonable, I was running easily and mostly without discomfort. In the final mile or so I put in a concerted effort to run at around the sort of pace I would like to run Sunday. There was a little tightness in the right leg, but nothing out of the ordinary, and actually feeling pretty good considering the battering they received during massage the day before.

So finished the run with the intention of racing Sunday, subject to not picking up the sickness bug my eldest daughter has been off sick with today and that the pains running down my right leg can be easily relieved with a little massage and stretching to be carried out shortly.