Day 70–Little to Report

This was a run to get up early and get out of the way to tackle the rest of the day. An early, for me, depart meant the first mile had legs that just didn’t want to work. They didn’t work that well for the rest of the run either but at least they ticked over, which they weren’t doing for the first ten minutes.

Other than being stiff and tired there was little of excitement on this run. The usual out and back to Dysart Park has been temporarily spoilt – a footbridge has been closed for repair, forcing a fiddly diversion that may see me try another route for the next few weeks.

It turned out to be the last run for my current Garmin Forerunner 910XT. After finally getting through to Garmin Customer Care (A mere hour and five minutes on hold) the man on the other end assured me that the problems I have with my watch are not typical of the model, despite what I might read on the internet, and suggested I send mine to Garmin for a replacement. So my Garmin is currently in the post and the old faithful 305 has been brought out of the cupboard and charged ready for a a return to service.