Day 63–A Bit Tender!

Today I hurt. Nothing too dramatic or necessarily something I should worry about, merely a reminder that running 30km at marathon pace or slightly quicker is not an undertaking you should make every day.

It would have been easy to justify not running. It was left to around 4pm but eventually I made it out. The right groin and hamstring being particularly sore walking around the house, thankfully they were merely distractions during an easy paced six mile run – which again was probably run slightly quicker than it should have been, but I really was putting in very little effort.

Instead I was thinking about just how good The Lego Movie was. I expected some Pixar style candy for the brain animated fare to enjoy with my daughter. Instead we were offered something quite special – a film which works on every level and is, quite possibly, the best allegory I’ve enjoyed since I read Orwell’s Animal Farm for the first time.

Trying to fully decipher the film meant the 40 odd minutes flew by. I hadn’t even noticed it had been raining for much of the run. High praise indeed!