Day 67–Easy Running

Day three of the Bahrain F1 test I am covering – I cannot decide whether the most exciting action of the day was breaking the news to the world (via a third party) that Jenson Button had proposed to his now fiancée Jessica Michibata, or revealing to the world that Lotus tested an exhaust that is off centre at the rear. It was that exciting.

Hardly surprising then that I was keen to get out for a few miles running, more so after watching the apparent injustice in the short track ice skating with our disqualified British skater (cannot understand how a sport can have a judge seemingly penalising athletes at will without the need to explain themselves nor have any grounds for appeal. It seems ripe for corruption – not that anything like that would ever happen in the Olympics…)

The burning embers of injustice barely stoked the boiler in the opening mile or two, the legs feeling decidedly stiff. Somewhere along the run though I forgot about the achiness and helped somewhat by the wind blowing behind me for the closing stages, was able feel much better in the final miles – a successful recovery run.

I’ve got my eyes now on a record mileage week. I shouldn’t let myself chase these meaningless targets, but it is tempting…