Day 66–Long and Slow

Another early start and a full 12 hours sat mostly at the desk. I was finished though in time to do my regular long, slow, Thursday club run. I was though really tired after only around 4 hours sleep. Strangely though when I was running I didn’t feel too bad; it was when I stopped I felt insanely tired.

First off it was 3.5 pre miles before heading off to the club, rather tragically choosing a hill to run up purely to create a segment for Strava later in the evening. There was a good turnout at the club, many of whom had run at Stamford on Sunday. This meant that there were still plenty of tired legs and quick running was not on the agenda.

I was happy with that. Totalling 16 1/2 miles, nearly all ran at a really easy pace, save for one stretch where I just let the legs tick over for a bit. There was few problems, the right groin a bit sore late in the run, otherwise fine. Once I stopped though the legs certainly stiffened up. Hopefully there’ll be a good night’s sleep before another early start. Looking forward to Sunday and a lie-in!