Day 56–On The Bike

With any thought of running in the foreseeable future supressed as much as possible to the back of the mind – to avoid rampant depression and extreme likelihood of injuring myself further should I succumb to temptation and don the trainers – I made a late decision to go out on a bike ride. The sun was shining and the wind had mercifully dropped after a week or more of very strong winds.

I should have gone out on the racing bike, but that is currently out of reach due to a huge number of empty boxes and other junk blocking access to the bike bag which contains bike, helmet, gloves cycling shoes etc.. Fortunately I had a back up in cheap hybrid bike I brought in September principally as a means to get around town quickly – it’s far quicker than being in the car at most times of day here in Grantham. I had to improvise somewhat with the clothing as I’ve long ago discarded most of my winter cycling gear – the most disturbing prospects of cycling was doing so with a skateboard helmet and a pair of trainers with not even toe clips to help drive the power efficiently. Hardly the most professional set up.

It was surprising then that I managed to complete 25 miles at an average of 17mph – not a million miles away from what I might do on a racing bike. I struggled on the drags and the hills (usually my strong point on a bike but not today) but was otherwise reasonably fast and enjoyed doing some exercise. I do enjoy cycling – as a kid I preferred it much more to running. I just live in perennial fear of puncturing or crashing which is the main reason I don’t cycle more, that and the time it takes up putting in a decent ride.

Unfortunately the ride was not pain free. I remember when I cycled into town at the beginning of January the groin and hip was painful – something I’ve never experienced on a bike. I was fine today for the first fifty minutes or so, but then there was a puling sensation from the groin down to the knee along the inner thigh. I think until I see someone there is little point in risking further injury.